Welcome to Keogh Bay People

Keogh Bay People is a Pilbara Aboriginal business with majority Aboriginal ownership – - a strong partnership between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals.  Our board, management and staff all have deep experience in the training, employment and management of a diverse workforce as well as the delivery of high quality consulting services to both corporate and government clients.

Our key service offerings include:

Employee Mentoring & Support Services

Training and E-Learning Services

Consulting Services

In the short time since its launch in May 2015, Keogh Bay People already provides mentoring services to a number of Compass / ESS sites in WA and has developed high quality E-Learning solutions for an Australian Government client.  We anticipate that our client list will grow quickly and we look forward to meeting with your company to discuss how we can help you meet your objectives.

Keogh Bay People


Keogh Bay People